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the premium Arctic wilderness destination

Welcome To Sorrisniva
A Premium Arctic Wilderness Destination

Sorrisniva in itself is a year-round resort that offers guests premium accommodation in the new Arctic Wilderness lodge, unique accommodation in the World's Northernmost Igloo Hotel, world-renowned cuisine, and fine dining experiences, as well as a wide range of wilderness adventures through the dramatically different Arctic seasons.

Dating back to the 1970s, the Wisløff family has steadily developed Sorrisniva into an Arctic destination that is famous around the world and a leading entity in Alta. The family has lived here along the Alta River since the late 1880s working in farming and fishing. Eventually, in 1970, the family wanted to share the wonders of one of the greatest salmon fishing rivers in the world, and thus, began with riverboat experiences to Alta Canyon - Europe's largest river canyon. This was the tip of the iceberg for the Sorrisniva journey towards becoming a premium resort.

Sorrisniva History