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Igloo Hotel

Experience the World's Northernmost Igloo Hotel

Feel the magic. Witness the detailed works of art. And enter a frozen world of possibilities. Here at Sorrisniva, we build a brand new Igloo Hotel during early winter. The Igloo Hotel stands strong from the 20th of December to the 7th of April each year. Designed with a unique and original theme, the Igloo Hotel is built and crafted by a crew of local artists. Throughout the winter season, it is possible to visit the Igloo Hotel, book a guided tour, or even stay overnight in the Arctic icon of snow and ice.

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Supplement Your Stay With An Arctic Winter Experience

The Igloo Hotel is the starting point for a wide range of sought-after wilderness experiences in Arctic Norway; hunting the northern lights, snowmobiling across the wide-open Finnmark plateau, snowshoeing, husky sledding, and reindeer and Sami experiences.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Igloo Hotel can be booked for wedding ceremonies and baptisms in the Ice Chapel.

Tour the Igloo Hotel

Guided tours of the Igloo Hotel are available for visitors wishing to experience its ambiance, see the ice sculptures, and hear about how the construction takes place each year. It is also possible to have a blue ice drink at the ice bar.


The Igloo Hotel is designed and built each year with a mixture of igloo rooms and special suites. Each suite is a special project by one of our ice sculptors and is designed and decorated with a unique art theme.

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Arctic Wilderness Lodge

Stay at our premium Arctic Wilderness Lodge and reserve a room in the Igloo Hotel so that you enjoy both the comfort of your lodge suite and also experience sleeping in the Igloo Hotel for as long as you want.

Arctic Wilderness Lodge