Local Craftsman

Each year we create a unique design for the Igloo Hotel with a special artistic theme. The construction of the Igloo Hotel is done entirely by local craftsman and creates an area of ca 2,500 m2 using 250 tonnes of ice and 7,000 m3 of snow. The construction takes about five weeks using fresh water ice cut from a nearby mountain lake and snow made from the river water. The igloo structure is made layer by layer and then the rooms are fitted out with ice furniture, ice sculptures and ice art.

Art Themes

Each year we select a theme for the igloo hotel to reflect a special part of local history or mythology such as the Vikings, Nordic legends or local wildlife. The decorations and ice statues are carved to reflect this theme throughout the igloo hotel.

A Special Ambiance

The Igloo Hotel is not just an ice structure to see. The space created by the ice and snow has a special, even magical, atmosphere with a deep silence and serenity. This special atmosphere may be experienced whilst admiring the art work, having a special drink in the ice bar and especially when sleeping in a warm sleeping bag on a bed of reindeer skins. The Igloo Hotel is also used for special occasions including weddings and christenings in the ice chapel.

Igloo Hotel Experiences

Take a tour of the Igloo Hotel and you will experience the magic and serenity of the atmosphere created. One of our staff will explain how the structure is built and other stories about the Igloo Hotel.

You may also enjoy creating your own ice sculpture with guidance from one of our local craftsman.