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True North

We have combined the greatest Autumn experiences of the North into one concept, that we like to call“True North”. True North is the direction along the Earth’s surface that points towards the geographic North Pole. Just as the compass points toward magnetic north, this package directs your path towards a True North Experience in the heart of Premium Arctic Wilderness; view a natural phenomenon, immerse yourself in local food and culture, and rest easy in a high-standard River Room situated within beautiful natural surroundings.  

On this adventure you will experience autumn northern lights, Sami culture, culinary fine dining, and the silence of Arctic Norway. The autumn period is often considered the best season in the Arctic region. It is a period of fantastic light and tranquillity. The combination of autumn colours and white snowy mountain tops are not easy to forget. There are many reasons why the autumn is the best season in the Arctic; the night returns to the region providing great sunrises and sunsets, the changing of the autumn colours provides great contrasts in the nature, and the first snow falls in the mountains as the temperature drops and Aurora Borealis makes her return. Join us and experience the True North.


-       2 nights in Arctic Wilderness Lodge River Room, including breakfast.

-       3-Course and 8-Course Culinary Experience in Maku Restaurant.

-       Lunch in Lavvu Restaurant on day two.

-       Eight Seasons of Sapmi Experience including transfer.

-       Northern Lights Hunt by Car.

-       Sauna & Jacuzzi Experience.

-       Transfer to/from Alta Airport.


Transfer from Alta Airport to Sorrisniva

18:00 8-Course in Maku Restaurant

Overnight in Arctic Wilderness Lodge River Room


08:00 - 10:00          Breakfast

10:45                         Transfer to Sami Siida

11:00 - 12:30              Eight Seasons of Sapmi

12:30                         Transfer to Sorrisniva

12:45                          2-Course Lunch in Lavvu Restaurant

18:00                         3-Course in Maku Restaurant

20:00-23:00             Northern Lights Hunt by Car

Overnight in Arctic Wilderness Lodge River Room


08:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-11:00 Sauna & Jacuzzi

Transfer from Sorrisniva to Alta Airport


21.090 for 2 Adults  

14.245 Single Occupancy


September 1st - November 30th



Group Size

Minimum 1 guest

From (Per adult)


From (Per Child)



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You can book online using the link below. If you have any questions you can contact us on +47 784 33 378, email us at info@sorrisniva.no or use our contact form below.

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If you have any questions you can contact us on +47 784 33 378, email us at booking@sorrisniva.no or use our contact form below.

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