Northern Light Experiences

The Wonder of the Northern Lights

Lady Aurora never dances the same. Each and every performance is unique, and you can never know what she is truly planning. She could be in the mood to light the sky full of shining greens long into the night. She might open the curtains early and start her show as you watch through your dining room window while enjoying dinner. Sometimes she has fleeting moments of creativity and must quickly paint a stream of pink across the horizon so that her ideas seem tangible. Other nights she challenges you with a faint shape in the distance making you wonder if it is even her at all. Aurora keeps us on the edge of our seats, buying tickets to the show again and again, constantly wanting an encore.

Sorrisniva is ideally located in the high Arctic and away from urban lights to maximise your potential of witnessing the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. Our guides will conduct pre-tour explanations of the Borealis, advise you on how to achieve the best photographs, and take you around the local area in order to find the location with the greatest chance of viewing this allusive phenomenon.

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