Husky Sledding Experiences

Join us for a wonderful experience of mushing a team of huskies through the Arctic Wilderness. We work with different local kennels and will arrange the husky sledding experience best suited to your desire. All husky experiences include learning about the huskies and the skill of mushing most effectively. You will enjoy interacting with the eager and excited huskies who love to be active and run in front of the sleds.

Husky Sledding along the Alta River

This experience is carefully organized to ensure a seamlessand enjoyable adventure from start to finish. Upon your arrival, you'll find everything prepared and ready to go, with eager sled teams awaiting your presence. You will sled along the Alta River and into the pine forest in small groups. Two guests share one sled, and about halfway through your tour, therewill be the opportunity to switch roles and take turns driving the sled. Upon your return back at the kennel you will interact with the huskies and enjoy storytelling around the bonfire in a traditional Sami Lavvu while savoring warm drinks and snacks.

Pick-up times: 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM or 3:30 PM

Duration: 3,5 hours

Price: 2.985 NOK / 1.330 NOK

A taste of Husky Sledding

Join us for an immersive adventure where you'll be actively involved in preparing your own team of Alaskan huskies for an exhilarating sled ride through the picturesque Nordic Forest and alongside the tranquil waters of the Alta River. Two guests share one sled, taking turns driving throughout the snow-covered landscape. After the sledding experience you return to the kennel where you will return the dogs to their place in the kennel. Take a moment to unwind around the open fire with a warm drink and refreshments. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the day's adventures and gain a deeper understanding of the life of a dog musher.

Pick-up times: 10:00 AM or 4:30 PM

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 1.995 NOK / 1.250 NOK

Introduction to Husky Sledding

Before entering the dog yard to prepare your own team of dogs,you'll receive a brief introduction to the tour. This hands-on experience allows you to bond with your team of huskies, learning about their personalities and unique traits as you harness them up and prepare for the adventure ahead. From the dog sled, you'll get to enjoy the wild and untouched landscapes. After about 45 minutes of sledding, you'll return and put the dogs back in their places. You'll also have some time to cuddle with the dogs and greet the sheep, which are of an old Norwegian breed. Afterwards, you'll be served a warm drink and freshly baked waffles around the bonfire.

Pick-up times: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00 PM or Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 PM

Duration: 3-3,5 hours

Price: 2.050 NOK / 1.295 NOK


1 Dec - 15 April



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2 - 20

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If you have any questions you can contact us on +47 784 33 378, email us at or use our contact form below.

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