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Hammocking Under the Midnight Sun

Hammocking is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the Arctic wilderness. In the summer, basked in the Midnight Sun, you are bound to feel a sense of relaxation. Often spending time in the great outdoors is the best way to get inspired, brainstorm ideas for the future, or to truly enjoy where you are in that moment and all that you have to be grateful for.

This experience can be done on your own, or with a guide for an added bonus to your experience under the Midnight Sun.

Hammock rental:

When renting a hammock you can choose where you want to explore and set up camp to hang under the summer sun. The rental included everything you need to use the hammock, instructions on how to use it, and some recommendations as to where the best spots are in the area. The rental is for 3 hours.


500 kr per person/per hammock

Hammock Under the Midnight Sun Experience with Guide:

On this experience your guide with bring you to a viewpoint overlooking the rolling mountains, Alta River, and local farms in the area surrounding Sorrisniva. Here you can relax with a view and the smell of pancakes cooking over the bonfire. Nothing seems much better than enjoying homemade pancakes and jam make from handpicked berries while taking in the warmth of the sun that never sets.

Start: 21:00

End: 23:30


1100 nok per adult

650 per child 3-12 years old


Rent a hiking pack: 500 nok per pack


June - September



Group Size


Price per Adult


Price per Child



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You can book online using the link below. If you have any questions you can contact us on +47 784 33 378, email us at info@sorrisniva.no or use our contact form below.

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If you have any questions you can contact us on +47 784 33 378, email us at booking@sorrisniva.no or use our contact form below.

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