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Wedding Special Event

Sorrisniva is one of the most remarkable places in the world to celebrate your wedding and create lifelong memories. At Sorrisniva we can host marriage ceremonies all year round and in winter we offer the extra special opportunity to be married in the Ice Chapel in the Igloo Hotel.  

Year-Round Civil Ceremony

At Sorrisniva we can offer year-round civil ceremony marriages with the possibility of a Lutheran wedding by agreement with the local priest. Summer offers the special attraction of the midnight sun and Autumn is a wonderful time of special light, tranquillity, and colours.

The Arctic Wilderness Lodge has 24 rooms and suites enabling up to 50 guests to overnight in premium comfort. Our Laavu Restaurant has seating for 125 guests and may be reserved for a dedicated wedding dinner and celebration.

Ice Chapel Ceremony

During winter we offer the Lutheran wedding ceremony as well as a civil ceremony. The Ice Chapel is in the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, approximately 20 km from Alta airport. The Ice Chapel is constructed every year from ice and snow and is designed and decorated with a special art theme chosen each year. The ice-chapel is approved by the Bishop of Nord-Hålogaland, and the local parish performs the marriages and christenings. The couple must arrive in Alta no later than the day before the wedding so that the pastor can meet them. It is also possible to do a rehearsal in the ice chapel.

The Ice Chapel is integrated into, and centrally located within the Igloo Hotel but is nevertheless a separate space clearly demarcated from the rest of the building. It is an intimate room with special acoustics, and like the rest of the hotel it is decorated with very beautiful ice sculptures. The ice chapel is available for weddings from late December until early April each year. We recommend afternoons and evenings after 4 pm as that is when the Igloo Hotel quieter and the light most special.

Wedding Dinner

You may combine your wedding with a memorable dinner and celebration in our renowned Laavu Restaurant which seats 125 guests in comfort. Our chefs will create a special gourmet dinner which can be designed in consultation with you. We can also arrange pre and post dinner celebrations including dancing all as you prefer.  


The Arctic Wilderness Lodge is available year-round for up to 50 guests in 24 rooms whilst in winter you may also sleep in the Igloo Hotel. The bride and groom may wish to sleep in the special suite in the Igloo Hotel as well as have a suite in the lodge so that they may experience the Igloo Hotel as well as have the comfort of the lodge suite to enjoy.

Other Services

We can also assist with a wide range of other services to help your wedding planning including:

  • Professional photographer
  • Bridal bouquet and flower arrangements
  • Hairdressers
  • Wedding cake
  • Organist

Further Information and Booking Enquiries

Please contact us directly to enquire further about hosting your wedding at Sorrisniva. We would love to make your wedding one of your best lifelong memories.


Year Round and Winter Ice Chapel



Group Size

2 to 125




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