Welcome to Sorrisniva

Sorrisniva is a year-round adventure business in Alta, Norway. The name Sorrisniva derives from the Finnish immigration and means roaring stream. The name is based on a well-known fishing spot right beside the company.


Riverboat adventure

We are located next to one of the best salmon rivers in the world, Alta River. In summertime we have guided tours with traditional riverboats to the Alta canyon. One of the nicest summer experience Alta has to offer!


Restaurant Laksestua

Our restaurant is well known for its warm atmosphere and interesting architecture. Our talented chefs will offer you a memorable dining experiences. We offer á la carte and dinner for special occasions.


Winter wedding

Make your wedding day even more romantic in the chapel made of snow and ice. A ice chapel wedding ceremony is a different and unforgettable experience for you and your love.


Ice fishing and a night in the wilderness

Spend a night in a Sami tent and feel the excitement when ice fishing. This is the best place to experience the arctic nature and wilderness. After a good night sleep you are ready for a day with  ice fishing at selected mountain lakes. Are you searching for a untraditional experience with friends or colleagues? This is definitely the trip for you!


Reindeer and sami experience

The Sami family will guide you along through unforgettable events that highlight their past and present culture. You will meet reindeer, feel the scenery from the sled, and hear stories of the old days, and the special singing that is a cornerstone of Sami culture. In the evening we extend the trip and look for the northern lights.


Dog sledding

Next to Alta River, approximately 5 minutes from Sorrisniva there is a dog farm where guests can get to know the special mushing community. You will put together your own dog team and harness the dogs with help from the guides. On the trip you will share the dogsled. This is a wonderful way to experience nature in Alta valley.


Snowmobile safari

Experience the arctic nature and the thrill of maneuvering your own snowmobile in safe environment. Choose the trip on the basis of your choice. Our experienced guides will introduce you to snowmobiling in safe environment.


Igloo Hotel

Norway’s largest and the world’s northernmost ice hotel is situated in Sorrisniva, about 25 minutes from Alta airport. The igloo hotel is one of its kind and is about 2,500 square meters large. In addition to accommodation, we also open for day visits.


Northern lights

Looking for the northern lights? Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is a excellent place to experience the aurora borealis. We have easy winter walking routes nearby the hotel, with viewing spots. For the best chance to see the lights you can join our guided tour with minivan. The best winter adventure is at Sorrisniva, plan your winter vacation with us!

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